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The creators of The Music Snobs present SNOBS ON FILM, the podcast where movies and television are discussed and reviewed with care—and debated without caution. Get ready for a non-Hollywood ending.

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  • On The Waterfront

    June 22nd, 2021  |  Season 2  |  1 hr 8 mins
    elia kazan, karl malden, marlon brando, redemption, rod steiger

    There are redemption films, and there are REDEMPTION films. Elia Kazan’s On The Waterfront is the latter. The #1Theme10Films Snobs On Film: Redemption season hits a new high with an episode that explores one of the greatest movies of all time. Acting icon Marlon Brando is a former boxer turned mob enforcer with a disappointing past and a heart full of remorse. But when Brando falls in love, he must find a way to salvage his humanity and save his soul—even if it means sacrificing everything else.

  • Boomerang

    June 8th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  1 hr 9 mins
    90s, comedy, eddie murphy, halle berry, martin lawrence, redemption, robin givens, romance, romcom

    The new season of SOF continues! Next up in our “One Theme. Ten Films.” reviews: the 1992 Black cult classic, Boomerang! love is in the air – or is it redemption? Directed by Reginald Huddlin, Eddie Murphy stars as Marcus: a cocky-as-hell ad executive who also happens to be the definition of a suave, successful, and insatiable player. But the tables are turned when Marcus gets a taste of his own medicine after meeting and falling in lust with his new boss, Jacqueline, who may be even more sexually prolific than Marcus himself. Soon, Marcus finds out how it feels to be on the other side of seduction, and how little he knows about true love.

  • Flight

    May 25th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  1 hr 12 mins
    denzel, don cheadle, john goodman, redemption, zemeckis

    One theme. Ten films. Snobs On Film is back with a season that explores the theme of redemption as it plays out in ten very different movies! First up? Denzel Washington’s Flight, a story that begins with a literal descent and features a self-destructive pilot who seems determined to keep falling. Join us as we discuss Denzel’s performance, the impact of Robert Zemeckis's powerful film, and the nature of redemption when it’s not just a path to be taken, but also a choice that must be made.